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Sharing Dances

Experience your daily surroundings from a movement perspective, get familiar with the many sides of dance today, have fun, take part in it and let the dances become reality!

Wildlaks Performance: Sharing Dances Wildlaks Performance: Sharing Dances Wildlaks Performance: Sharing Dances

For Sharing Dances dance artists from all over the world have created and written down short dances. These verbal dance instructions are handed out in the form of flyers to passers-by in the street and/or to visitors of a theatre, as it for example happened at Dansens Hus in Oslo. As receiver of such a dance you are invited to dance it where you are straight away, or take it home with you. You can do the dance alone or with your friends, at school, at work, in the street, in a dance studio or you dance it in your imagination.

The dances have been made especially for the Sharing Dances project, and everybody can do them. Sharing Dances is educative for those who think that dance is only about hopping around and being beautiful. But also for insiders it provides a fresh take on familiar themes.

The dances deal with subjects like music and silence, dance as a gift, games, poetry of breathing, red objects, dance in the sauna, early memories, “crossdressing”, lip dancing, the weather and many more.

Sharing Dances Laboratory

Wildlaks Performance: Sharing Dances The Sharing Dances Laboratory gives the participants the possibility to try out the choreographic tasks and dance them together in a dance space/studio. They are the starting point for guided research, composition and improvisation. The laboratory is led by Annika Luschin and Lars Skoglund, who also provides live music. It is suited for everybody with an interest in dance and movement, and is open for people from all levels of experience.

Contributing artists/companies:

Erikk McKenzie/erikk mckenzie (N)
Robert Poole/moving words (E)
Belinda Braza (N)
Jianan Qu (China/A)
Margunn Kilde (N)
Jasmin Hoffer (A)
Frans Poelstra/united sorry (NL/A)
Monika Klengel/Theater im Bahnhof Graz (A)
Kristina Gjems/Dreamscreen Productions (N)
Monika Schabus/Marigold Ensemble (A)
Jessie Servenay (F/A)
Chris Haring/Liquid Loft (A)
Marcella Fanzaga/Giardino Obliquo (I)
Karen Foss/karen foss quiet works (N)
Christina Lederhaas/branco-hase collaboration (N/A)
Eva Ehler (A)
Juliana Atuesta/transeunte (Colombia)
Tone Pernille Østern/Inclusive Dance Company (N)
Marlene Wolfsberger/cafe mut (A)
Annika Luschin/Wildlaks (N/A)

WILDLAKS would like to thank all the artists for their wonderful contributions.
Wildlaks Performance: Sharing Dances

Project History:

Sharing Dances
Olaf Ryes Plass, Oslo, 2011
Stortorvet, Oslo, 2011
Dansens Hus, Oslo, 2011

Sharing Dances Laboratory
Tanzebene, Graz, 2011
Rom for Dans, Oslo, 2011

Sharing Dances Live Exchange
in collaboration with Marcella Fanzaga and dance festival “Be Happening”,
Rom for Dans Oslo, Comuna Baires Milano, 2011

André Lundby
Ruben Fagereng
Per Angell Berntsen