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Networked Dance

Networked Dance: Collage Study #1 - Where Here Meets There

This performance was an exploration between two sites (Berkeley and Oslo) - layering digital materials, virtual bodies, and creating new places within which the performers resonate and communicate.

Two dancers, one musician and a technical crew at UC Berkeley met three dancers, two musicians and technicians at the Art on Wires Festival in Oslo. They moved in real space and met in virtual space, sharing the same image on the screen and the same sound. Together they created the performance. It ranged from quiet improvisational scores to full "contact" dance phrases supported by an impromptu and sensitive musical score.

The World Opera and their partner institutions do research with new technologies to reduce delay and improve the quality of the transferred media in real time. They have chosen a high-bandwidth network solution, employing Gigabit technologies. Unlike commonly used internet programs (for example Skype) the image and sound quality were excellent.

Wildlaks Performance: Networked Dance Wildlaks Performance: Networked Dance Wildlaks Performance: Networked Dance

Artistic/Technical Collaborators:
John Crawford (professor, UC Irvine)
Lisa Wymore (professor, UC Berkeley, dance artist)
Brooke Kennamer (dance artist)
Ryan Smith (composer, MFA Candidate Mills College, electronic music)

Jason Geistweidt (University of Tromsų/Verdione/World Opera)
Alain Renaud (electronic musician)
Tom Davis (electronic musician)
Liv Hanne Haugen (dance artist)
Annika Luschin (dance artist)
Johanna Roggan (dance artist)

Organizers: Niels Windfeld Lund (University of Tromsų/Verdione/World Opera) in collaboration with Art on Wires.

Performance: May 27th 2011 at Art on Wires Festival, Oslo, and with live connection to UC Berkeley, California
www.art-on-wires.org Wildlaks Performance: Networked Dance
Photos: Lisa Wymore and Niels Windfeld Lund