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I vintervinden

Wildlaks Performance: I Vintervinden

A young unknown writer struggles to survive in a big city, lacking support and recognition. On his journey he experiences his body and his surrounding very intensely. In this interdisciplinary performance music, dance, text and video are combined. It is based on the novel "Hunger" by Knut Hamsun.

Composition and Concept: Lars Skoglund
Choreography, Video and Concept: Annika Luschin
Dance: Nick Bryson (Hamsun Festival), Erik Kristoffersen McKenzie (later performances), Makiko Ito (on screen)
Voice: Erlend Vetleseter (Norwegian)
Camera: Krzystof Wengiel, Ruben Fagereng
Performances: Hamsun Festival, premiere (N) 2006, Mørke Nu (N) 2006, Ilios Festival (N) 2007
Duration: 1 hour

I Vinterwinden Photos: Øyvind Olsen, Dancer: Nick Bryson


The perhaps most renewing and exciting Hamsun experience in the 24-year long history of the Hamsun Festival. Such interpretations of the Nobel Price winner can contribute to opening up new reader groups for Hamsun's lifework.
'Luschin and Skoglund succeeded to create a unity of the different elements.'
Avisa Nordland (daily newspaper, Norway)