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Étages et Étoiles

Wildlaks Performance: Etages et Etoiles
Photo: Birgit Dietze-Mellak

In 1979 Iannis Xenakis wrote the composition Pléïades, originally intended as a dance piece. However the dance was never realized.
30 years later the choreographer Annika Luschin goes into a dialogue with this music and investigates into the following questions:
How do we hear music, when it is presented in connection with dance?
And how does the dance change our experience of hearing?
Music and dance become one, we cannot separate them anymore. Or can we?

Choreography: Annika Luschin
Music: Pléïades, by Iannis Xenakis
Dance: Anna Majder, Maria Kuchowicz, Olga Świetlicka and Ewa Wilisowska (trainee)
Performances: Sprungbrett Tanz, premiere (A) 2009
Duration: 45 minutes

Etages et Etoiles
Photo: Birgit Dietze-Mellak


Sensibly Annika Luschin applies the two components dance and music ...
with irony and liveliness. Krone (daily paper)