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Wildlaks Performance: Etages, Dancer:Anna Majder Choreography: Annika Luschin
Dance: Anna Majder
Music: Pléïades Part 1: Mélanges by Iannis Xenakis
Performances: tanz schritt weise at Minoriten Kultur, premiere (A) 2009
Duration: 15 minutes

In this piece we investigate into the illustrating aspect of dance, and the images dance and music create when perceived together at the same time.
Photos: Birgit Dietze-Mellak
Wildlaks Performance: Etages, Dancer:Anna Majder


'Wirbelwind Annika Luschin' Kleine Zeitung (daily newspaper, Austria)

'At the festival the Polish dancer Anna Majder, who works in Graz, stood out. In "Étages" by Annika Luschin she set highlights.' Kronen Zeitung (daily newspaper, Austria)