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The Arctic Symphonic Orchestra, Norway, commissioned a piece by Lars Skoglund in 2010. It had its premiere on the opening concert of the Northern Lights Festival in Tromsø, January 2011, conducted by Christian Lindberg. The concert also featured singer Barbara Hendricks, and was broadcast on national radio.

The composition ”Båndgneis” is named after the stone type banded gneiss (Bändergneis). This is a metamorphic rock with alternating light and dark bands or layers.

Press voices:

”...one of the most exciting and best works in this category that has been performed in Tromsø. It has room for a myriad of instruments, both in solos and interplay. A work the audience greatly appreciated.” – Bjørn H. Larssen, Nordlys

”...the contrast between the bright and the dark is characteristic for the music. Exciting massive harmonies, and quiet parts not without lyrical elements, like glimpses of blue sky between stormy clouds.” – Helge Matland, iTromsø

Photo: Nordnorsk Symfoniorkester