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Aften for to/Recital Night

Wildlaks Performance: Aften for to
Photo: Tom Benjaminsen

So you think you can sing here tonight? Well, I don't think so! Tröööööööööt!!!! Squeeeeeeeeek!!!!! MOVE! I am the Queen! Let me turn down the volume for you. Bliep-bliep, bliep-bliep-bliep. Duet. From now on things will be different!

Composition and Concept: Lars Skoglund
Choreography and Concept: Annika Luschin
Dance: Gerd Kaisa Vorren
Music: Geir Davidsen

Aften for to (original title)
Recital Night (English title)

Performances: Nordlys Festivalen, premiere (N) 2008, Hålogaland Teater (extra performances) (N) 2008, National Congress of Physiotherapists (N) 2008, International Dance Festival Barents (N) 2009
Duration: 40 min.

Aften for to Aften for to
Photos: Yngve Saebbe Olsen


'What an Energy! And all that inspired by a Euphonium!' Nordlys (daily newspaper, Norway)