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Undoubtedly, we become what we envision to be.
Claude M. Bristol

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Contemporary Dance Foto: Birgit Dietze-Mellak

We cannot say that one person is a better dancer than another one, because we cannot measure the nature of the soul against each other... Dancing means to break through the thick layer of idealisation; Dancing means to feel our desires; Dancing means: to look for those companions, who help us with celebrating each other...
Bob Benett

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Yoga and Dance

In this class you can playfully enhance your movement skills and deepen your understanding of the yoga poses. Each session is dedicated to a specific theme. For example: The warrior, birds, geometry alive, arabesque animale, the heritage of the sages, the world upside down, the tree, etc.

We work with thematically connected yoga postures and guided movement explorations, which stimulate our imagination and encourage personal movement invention. Allowing ourselves to move, we will discover the joyous flow of dancing, three dimensionality, sense of space and fully embodied movement.

For whom:
Open level, beginners and advanced, also well suited for dancers and practitioners of yoga.


Yoga og dans

På dette kurset kan du på en leken måte utvikle bevegelsesferdighetene dine, og utdype forståelse for yogastillingene. Hver gang vil vi jobbe med et spesifikt tema. For eksempel: Krigeren, fugler, levende geometri, arabesque animale, arven fra vismennene, verden opp-ned, treet, etc.

Vi tar for oss yogastillinger som er forbundet med disse temaene. Under ledelse utforsker vi danserisk bevegelse, noe som stimulerer fantasien og oppfordrer til å lage egne bevegelser. Ved å gi oss selv lov til å danse opplever vi den gledelige flyten i å bevege seg, tredimensjonalitet, romopplevelse og full tilstedeværelse.

For hvem:
Åpent nivå, begynnere og viderekomne, også velegnet for dansere og utøvere av yoga.


Dance Workshop: Choreographing in the Style of ...

In this workshop we create own short dance pieces, departing from dance pieces by other choreographers. We shamelessly copy, steal, borrow and imitate. We look at works by contemporary companies and research into their styles. By taking a look into the kitchen of others, we can find out more about making choreographies, also about developing our own compositions, our preferences, interests and dislikes. We pick up strategies, try them out, and keep what we like. We also dance in each others newly developed work.

For beginners and advanced dancers: For everybody who would like to try choreographing, and would like to participate as dancers in the creation of new work. And for those who already have experience in choreographing and would like to get new impulses.



Instant Composition und Scores


Improvising on stage, or Instant Composition, means, to be alert in the moment, to bring your attention inside and outside at the same time, take decisions real fast, realise the consequences, become aware of the composition as a whole, act as ensemble, use your talents, have fun and support the others by being an attentive audience.

Content: Warm-up, collecting wishes, ideas and questions, formulating scores and strategies for improvisation on stage, trying them out, jamsession with internal audience

Annika Luschin has over 15 years of experience in improvisation. She assists in the jams and leads them if necessary. Sometimes there is also live music!

For whom: people with interest in dance and movement (this is not a contact improvisation jam)


Why should we all use our creative power…? Because there is nothing that makes people so generous, joyful, lively, bold and compassionate, so indifferent to fighting and the accumulation of objects and money.
Brenda Ueland

Yoga and Dance at the Mountain Resort Feuerberg in Carinthia, Austria

Annika Luschin gives workshops at the beautiful Mountain Resort Feuerberg. On 1700 meters above see level she offers morning meditation, yoga and body awareness through dance.

More Information, Hotel Feuerberg

Here in this body are the sacred rivers: here are the sun and moon as well as all the pilgrimage places... I have not encountered another temple as blissful as my own body.