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The aim of art is not a refined, intellectual distillate - it is life itself, intense and brilliant.
Alain Arias Mission

Annika Luschin and Lars Skoglund
Photo: Aharona Israel

Performance group Wildlaks

The performance group Wildlaks was founded by the Austrian dancer and choreographer Annika Luschin and the Norwegian musician and composer Lars Skoglund. We make music-and dance performances. We often collaborate with other musicians, dancers and artists of various fields. We work internationally.

Lars Skoglund, composoer and musician
Photo: Aharona Israel

Lars Skoglund

Lars Skoglund is composer and musician. He received his diplomas in classical-, jazz- and electronic composition at the Conservatory of Rotterdam, after receiving a diploma in musicology and philosophy at the university in Trondheim. He writes for big orchestras, small ensembles, theatre plays and films. In 2004 he received the NOG Jonge Componisten Prijs in Amsterdam with his piece for big orchestra "Sentences".
With his rockband Løkbrød he is performing in Norway.
He also teaches music and composition at the university of Tromsø.
Annika Luschin, dancer, choreographer and teacher for dance and yoga
Photo: Birgit Dietze-Mellak

Annika Luschin

Annika Luschin is dancer, choreographer and teacher for dance and yoga. She received her diploma in dance and choreography at the School for New Dance Development, at the Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, in the Netherlands. Her dances are shown on festivals across Europe. She also holds a diploma in Classical yoga and in Vijnana yoga. She has been teaching dance and yoga at several schools and universities.

Now the laks is really wild!
Judit Keri

About the performers:

Anna Majder

Étages et Étoiles:
Anna Majder
Maria Kuchowicz
Olga Swietlicka
Ewa Wilisowska (trainee)

Aften for to/Recital Night:
Gerd Kaisa Vorren
Geir Davidsen

I Vintervinden:
Nick Bryson
Erik Kristoffersen McKenzie
Makiko Ito